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811978h553 Speedo Pure Valor – Open Back


  • FINA Approved
  • Fast. Light. More flexible. The Speedo Fastskin LZR Pure Valor is developed for strong kicks, long distances, and fast finishes.
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The new Speedo Pure Valor | Speedo LZR Fastskin Kneeskin has arrived

Get your Speedo PURPLE Race Suit Today!

Speedo Pure Valor focuses on maximum flexibility, it promotes a greater range of motion and core stability through specially layered fabric for better performance at every race. Its lightweight, closed-back construction helps you feel lighter and ride higher in the water for optimal body positioning. Moderate compression enhanced with additional compressive inner leg seams allows for greater muscle support, so you can put the real pressure back on the competition. The next generation of fast is here.

  • Lightweight Construction
  • Moderate Compression- Moderate compression and construction designed to support a greater range of movement
  • Dual layering around abs- dual layering around abs for greater core stability
  • Refined neck and arm finishes- refined neck and arm openings designed for comfort and durability
  • Bonded seams- flat bonded seams and improved finishes for optimal hydrodynamics
  • FINA approved

Developed in conjunction with some of the world’s leading athletes, the Speedo Pure Valor – fastskin suits set a new benchmark for racing. Pioneering technologies such as 3D Zoned Compression, IQ Fit, Body Stability Web, and Fit Point Markers deliver a new level of hydrodynamic performance – reinforced by a design that tells other athletes they’re racing for second place.



Lightweight construction; during extensive testing, our Speedo athletes all experienced a higher ride


Moderate compression combined with an additional compressive inner leg seam provide greater muscle support, while boosting a greater range of motion


Dual-layered fabric around the core provides enhanced stability for greater power output


Flat bonded seams and improved finishes


Straps with a high-power elastic base increase flexibility, stretch and power return while keeping a low profile


Updated silhouette with refined neck and arm openings

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  1. N

    I went looking for this pattern on a Speedo Deluxe Ventilator after my last one wore out after about 2 years of regular use. I was happy to find it here, at an affordable price, in Canada! The delivery was quicker than promised. I decided to stick with this style of bag because I only swim 2-3x week and it fits everything I need for the pool (but little else). In the main part of the bag in the pic of it full is a combo kick board/pull buoy, fins, paddles, flip flops, 3x60mL toiletry bottles, travel soap dish, goggles, swim cap, headband, 2 towels (one for the sauna and another very large beach towel for my shower), and a swim suit. I love that all of that stuff airs out well after my swim, especially if I don’t get to hanging my towels and washing my suit right away. The pocket at the front stays dry from wet stuff in the main pouch and fits a cosmetic bag and a lock. (I hope to fit a hair dryer now that my hair is long enough to need it but I doubt I will be able to.) I find the very front mesh pocket is not tall enough for a water bottle—it kept falling out—so I clip my goggles to the mesh (so they don’t also fall out) and store them in there. I guess I should have paid a little better attention when I ordered this new bag because it’s missing some features my old one had, at least one of which I am pretty disappointed about: no card holder on the back, just under the hook. I need an access card to get into my pool and this slot was just so handy! (After taking this pic, I stitch-ripped the old card holder off and am going to see if I can glue it in place because I’m not sure I can get a sewing needle through that canvas.) Second missing feature is a pocket inside the dry bag portion. Finally, it doesn’t have the reflective piping around the dry bag portion. I’m hoping this is an older style so the next one I order has those features and it’s not that Speedo decided to no longer include those features because from what I can tell, the name of the bag was the exact same. I am happy to have a new bag minus (unintentional) holes and worn out waterproofing though: my back stays dry while wearing it once again!

    Image #1 from Natalie
  2. BS

    Thank you for prompt delivery of swim suit once I finally responded to your question re sz.
    Have a good Xmas

  3. HC

    Amazing customer service, fast shipping, and a wonderful product. Thank you for help- you made suit shopping very easy.